Aelite 1 Regallautsprecher

The Aelite Series of loudspeakers are Acoustic Energy’s affordable high-end audio range, utilising modern design techniques in drive unit technology and cabinet enclosure construction.

Following with AE tradition, lightweight high-efficiency alloy cones housed in die-cast aluminium chassis are used for the mid/ bass driver units, providing a fast, tight bass response with optimum detail and clarity.

The Aelite 1 is a compact 2-way bookshelf loudspeaker ideally suited to the rear-channel in a surround system setup. However, these miniature monitors are equally capable of exceptional performance as hi-fi music speakers when used on stands or rigid shelves within small/ medium sized rooms. Their curved cabinet design also allows convenient corner room placement.



Zusätzliche Information


Black Veneer or Red Cherry Veneer


25mm neodymium tweeter with high dispersion diaphragm. Ferrofluid cooled and damped. Magnetically shielded. Exclusively Profiled


110mm mid/bass driver with 32mm long throw voice coil, die cast chassis, high power, magnet system and lightweight alloy cone. Magnetically shielded


100 Watt


40Hz – 23kHz

Wirkungsgrad (2.83V/1m)



8 Ohm


Real wood veneered, 15mm MDF wrap, full circumferential brace. High power, back firing, low turbulence bass-reflex port, 30mm front baffle

Abmessungen (BxHxT)

186 x 291 x 231 mm


6kg each (single, unpacked)