Reference 2

The Acoustic Energy Reference 2 is a completely new model for 2011 incorporating all our technological expertise in loudspeaker design.

With the Reference Series we’ve sought to improve upon every aspect of current speaker design to create a true, balanced, dynamic, wide-bandwidth and minimal colouration loudspeaker.

Cabinet: Constrained laminate layer construction for maximum resonance damping. A specially designed 7mm MDF/3mm high density rubber/5mm MDF sandwich material is used throughout the cabinet enclosure to minimise resonance and external cabinet noise.

Bass Drivers: Twin, long-throw motor assembly drivers for maximum linear accuracy and control. The motor system comprising twin-wound aluminium voice-coils is thermally bonded to the aluminium cone for absolute minimum distortion and long-throw pistonic accuracy.

Tweeter: The now well-established Vifa Ring-radiator tweeter is used here in our own custom, upgraded specification. Coupled to our DXT® Lens assembly for improved in-room response and dispersion matching to the bass driver, this is one of the finest tweeters in use today.

These features wrapped into a compact, elegant design and luxuriously finished with real piano ebony lacquer mark the new Reference Series as the pinnacle of current small loudspeaker design.




Zusätzliche Information


Piano Ebony or Piano Black


Twin 110mm ‘pure piston’ aluminium cones with twin-wound aluminium voice-coils


40Hz – 40kHz @ +/-3dB


Amplifiers rated up to 250Watts into 8 Ohms

Wirkungsgrad (2.83V/1m)

88db for 2.83V at 1m


6 Ohm

Abmessungen (BxHxT)

395 x 255 x 310 mm (BxHxT)


14kg (single, unpacked)