Wie kann ich eine Verbindung über Bluetooh herstellen?

When selecting the Bluetooth® input (indicated by a blue LED on the Subwoofer display panel) for the first time, the system will go into “pairing” mode and be visible to Bluetooth®- enabled devices for connection as “AEGO3”. Once paired with the Aego³ the Bluetooth® source device will play audio wirelessly through the system and operate overall volume level if the function is available.

Whenever the Bluetooth input is selected in future it will attempt to pair with previously connected devices and become visible to new devices if no previous connections are available. Pairing mode can also be manually selected by pressing the “Pair” button; when the system is in pairing mode the blue LED on the Subwoofer display panel will flash, when connection is made the blue LED will remain lit and an audible “beep” will be heard. The most recently connected device always takes preference when attempting to play audio.*

*For instructions on source device’s Bluetooth® operation please refer to that device’s manual or manufacturer.