ACOUSTIC ENERGY AE 100 im Test von The Audiophile Apartment

ACOUSTIC ENERGY AE 100 im Test von The Audiophile Apartment


„Entry level audiophiles complaining that all the good choices cost megabucks, look no further than the AE100s. These small monitors will only set you back about $495 a pair and deliver stunning performance. Combining a 4-inch paper cone woofer and 1-inch dome tweeter, Acoustic Energy claims these to be “small speakers capable of high output.” They fulfill this promise and more.

It’s easy to get spoiled listening to top line gear every day, and easy to lose track of what things cost. Though we make it a point to seek out sub-$1,000 components in this column offering higher performance than you might expect, the AE100s are more than worthy of one of our Exceptional Value Awards. Beyond that, these are the most impressive pair of $495 speakers I’ve had the pleasure of listening to, in nearly 100 issues of producing this magazine. The fun factor the AE100s offer is off the chart.

Acoustic Energy AE 109 bei im Test

Acoustic Energy AE 109 bei im Test hat die Acoustic Energy AE 109 unter die Lupe genommen.


Die Acoustic Energy vereint hohe Klangkultur mit einer vornehmen Erscheinung und zeigt sich als vielseitiger Allrounder. Schlank und kompakt einerseits ist die AE 109 unaufdringlich und unaufgeregt eloquent, lädt zum stundenlangen Leisehören und Schwelgen ein. Ohne Umschweife verwandelt sich der englische Beau bei Bedarf aber zum musikalischen Party-Animal, so dass hier zweifelsfrei Pegelbereiche erreicht werden, die man diesem Kleinod gar nicht zutraut. Wenn es einen Preis für einen Gentlemen-Lautsprecher schlechthin geben würde, die AE 109 hätte ihn sicherlich mehr als verdient. 

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ACOUSTIC ENERGY AE 300 – Hifi Choice „Recommended“

ACOUSTIC ENERGY AE 300 – Hifi Choice „Recommended“

The quotes below, along with the Recommended badge, will give you a good idea of how they faired.

“The compact Acoustic Energy does well here too, conjuring up a large soundstage that boldly goes – in my listening room – where few other small loudspeakers can.”

“What the AE300 does, it does very well and is always a pleasure to listen to – in its own special way it makes music magic, and you can’t say fairer than that.”

“The relaxed yet assured way with which the AE300 pushes the sound our into the room really impresses.”

The verdict? “Surprisingly capable small speaker with style to spare.”